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Welcome to Le Maple Academy of Foreign Languages –your ultimate foreign language learning destination in Kerala! Be it English, French or German, your language of choice, we have the right course for you- for children, teenagers and adults.

About Us

At Le Maple Academy, we all come to work every day because we love to teach languages.

Based at Kumarapuram in Trivandrum, we understand very well how proficiency in foreign languages helps to gain access to top higher education and better income jobs abroad in this globalised world and teach language courses which enable our students to become global citizens.

It is the knowledge that countries, societies and workplaces are becoming increasingly multicultural that has prompted us to start Le Maple Academy, a platform for language learners to get together and hone up their linguistic skills in a relaxed, stress-free and fun environment.

Let the reason to learn a new language be your desire to live abroad, advancement of your career or pleasure, we have a course for you in English, French or German, no matter what your age is.

You can rest assured that our teachers provide you all the personal attention you need for the whole duration of the course.

Last but not least, all our courses are reasonably priced and will fit your pocket.

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