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Why Le Maple

Why Le Maple Academy

We are one of the leading German language training institutes in Kerala, with a vast student base across India and abroad. We offer personalised German language learning courses that have already helped thousands of Germany aspirants meet their language requirements for study or work purposes.

Learning Approach

Le Maple Academy is well known for its unique and systematic language learning methods. We focus on identifying gaps in an individual’s language capabilities and improving them through continuous feedback, guidance and special attention through customised teaching.

Excellent Infrastructure​

We are a growing language training institute in India with state of the art classrooms and unlimited language learning resources for our students. We have one of a kind language courses which ensure that the candidates reach their target in the language easily and effortlessly.

Guaranteed Results​

We use classroom exercises and activities to help students achieve the required level of proficiency in the German language. In addition, we conduct simulated tests to ensure excellent performances under exam conditions.

Proper Guidance

Le Maple Academy offers pre-admission guidance for students about the right language learning courses for them so that they can be sure that they will achieve the best results.

We provide the Best German Language Training for Professionals and Students