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Study Nursing in Germany after Plus Two with stipend

Study Nursing in Germany

Do you want to know how to study nursing in Germany after completing your Plus Two? After Plus Two, students can pursue their dream of studying nursing in Germany through the vocational training program known as Ausbildung. In the Ausbildug program, while working, the participants, students, and trainees will pick up nursing skills.

Nearly 70% of the program is spent in work placements, with the other 30% spent in classroom instruction at the partnering training facility. The plus side is that it’s a unique program draws a monthly stipend for the full program duration. For taking nursing Ausbildung in Germany, one needs to be fluent in the German language, since Germans take great pride in their language and want to communicate entirely in it whenever possible. Considering this a top priority, Le Maple Academy in Trivandrum provides efficient German language training with 100% assistance in exam preparations. We focus on the language skills and the exam techniques they need to get their target score on their first attempt.

Le Maple being the finest consultancy for Germany Nursing in Kerala guides you in admission procedures and makes you learn more about Ausbildung in Germany.

How can Le Maple help you for gaining Ausbildung in Germany?