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What's Next After Plus Two?

You have just finished your plus two and you are thinking of what to study next?
You are communicative and you like working with people? You have interest in Medicine and happen to be diligent and reliable?
An Ausbildung in Germany to become a nursing professional can be then the right pathway for you. In Germany as a nursing student you will be working in the care of people of all ages in various areas, namely hospital, nursing home or outpatient nursing service.

Admission Requirements for Ausbildung in Germany

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Germany’s dual system of vocational education and training is highly recognized worldwide due to its combination of theory in the classroom and training in a real life work environment.In Germany, around 50 % of all school leavers undergo vocational training provided by companies which consider the dual system the best way to acquire skilled staff.
The duration of Ausbildung depends on the profession you have chosen. An Ausbildung to become a nurse is usually three years. Nurses spend half their time in school and half in practice.
The most important requirement for qualifying for an Ausbildung program in nursing in Germany is good German language proficiency. You must have learnt German upto the intermediate level ( B1 or B2) and should speak the language fluently. A B2 certification in German obtained from Goethe Institut is proof that you meet the language criteria to apply for the program.

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Advantages of Dual Vocational Training (Ausbildung )

The first hand experience that you gain during the period is invaluable and will have practical application in life. You learn more during the internship than during college. Further, you get paid and at the young age you become financially independent.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ausbildung in Germany

To apply for an Ausbildung you should have passed the 12 th grade with good marks. You should not be over 25 years of age. You should have learnt German upto the B2 level.