To Know in French Connaitre versus Savoir

There are two verbs in French which mean to know.They are connaitre and savoir.Both have totally different uses which will be covered in this post __ Connaitre is the right verb to use to say you know people or places__

Est-ce que tu sais Julie? Do you know Julie? Nous le connaissons depuis 4 ans We have known him for 4 years Elle connait mes parents She knows my parents Je connais bien paris I know paris well

However, to say that you know a fact,a piece of information the verb savoir is used Je sais la bonne reponse I know the right answer Il ne sait pas ou j'habite He does not know where I live

Savoir + verb is used to say that you have or do not have a skill Je sais parler italian I know how to speak Italian J'aimerais savoir conduire I wish I could drive