To Drive in French The French verb meaning to drive in French is Conduire Vous conduissez depuis combien de temps? How long you been driving?

Aller/Venir en voiture - to go/come by car Je vais au travail en voiture I go to work by car Il vient en voiture He comes by car

Prendre la voiture To take the car Il vaudra mieux y aller en voiture It will be better to go there by car

Rouler is another verb in French which means to drive Est-ce que tu peux rouler un peu moins vite? Can you drive a bit slower ? When the verb rouler is used the emphasis is on the activity of driving It must be remembered that the verb rouler is never used to talk about the actual skill of driving Je voudrais apprendre 'a conduire I would like to learn to drive is correct The verb rouler is also not used to talk about the means of transport

Se promener/faire une promenade en voiture also means to go for a car ride