IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 7+ Strategies Academic/General Training

1. First of all, you need to understand the topic of the essay for writing task 2.

2. Identify the key words in the question.

3. Find out what the question wants you to do.To be on the safe side it might be a good idea for you rewrite the question in your own words on the exam paper so that you know what exactly the question is.

4. You need to brainstorm and organise your ideas to make sure that each one of your ideas is fully explained and well supported with examples.

5. If the question solicits your opinion,make sure that you state it clearly.You must not say anything that contradicts your view in any part of your answer.

6. Spend time learning the strucutre of a good essay:Introduction,body paragraphs and conclusion.Read as many model answers as possible.

7. Never copy the question word for word for your introduction.Paraphrase the question.

8. You must write a conclusion at the end.Do not add any new information in your conclusion.Instead rephrase your key pointsand write a strong sentence that ties everything together.

9. Always employ a formal tone in each part of your writing.You need to ensure that you do not use any informal language or slang in your response.

10. Do not use bullet points.

11. You have to try to use a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary.

12. Remember to follow the two important of C's of IELTS writing-Cohesion and coherence.

13. Learn a lot of synonyms so your writing has a range of vocabulary and does not become repetitive.

14. Write 250 words.If your answer is underlength you will be penalised.It will suffice if it contains at least 240 words.

15. You have to put on your best writing.The examiner should be able to read and understand what you have written easily.

16. Practice makes perfect. Practise writing as many essays as you can and have them evaluated by a qualified IELTS Trainer for mistakes.

17. Attempt Task 2 first as it carries more weight and counts more towards your score.

18. Practise writing essays under exam conditions so that you will not run out of time when you sit the real exam.

19. Check your writing after you have finished. You must go over what you have written for any spelling,grammar or other errors.

20. You may either use a pencil or a pen but my advice is you must use a pencil so you can rub off any mistake you have made and fix it.