IELTS Speaking Test Ten Useful Tips by Arun Anand IELTS Trainer Trivandrum

1. Listen carefully to the questions you are asked so that your answers turn out to be relevant.

2. Always include some details in your answers.It will make sure that your answers are long enough.

3. Practise speaking about any given topic for at least two minutes.Develop the ability to go on talking about anything for at least two minutes.If you fail the first time around,do not worry.Think of what else you can include in your answer and try again.

4. In part two of the speaking test,look at the sub questions written on the cue card.The prompts will help you to organise your speech.

5. Practise how to buy time in part three of the test.For example,ask for clarification.You must remember that it is also speaking English and shows confidence on your part as well.

6. Always try yo explain your point.Give examples of what you are saying.This will help you to speak longer.

7. Avoid using the vocabulary the examiner has used.Try to paraphrase the question.It shows good command in the language.

8. Mind the grammar of your answers.If the examiner has asked you to talk about a past experience use the past tense.Grammatical accuracy is essential to get a high score.

9. Speak at a normal pace.Make sure that the examiner can follow what you are saying.You may do well to record yourself and see what your English really sounds like.If your English sounds good,the examiner will appreciate it.

10.Take as many simulated tests as possible before you sit the real exam.Practising under exam conditions reveals your strenghts and problem areas.