IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topic Possessions Sample Questions and Answers

Here are a few questions and sample answers based on the topic”Possessions” for part three of the IELTS speaking test.

1.In you country,what possessions give status to people?

Answer – In my country,two main symbols of status are big cars and expensive houses.Driving a Mercedes or BMW tells people that you are rich or powerful.People who want to show off their wealth tend to wear expensive designer clothes or carry very costly mobile phones.

2.Do you think that people place too much importance on possessions these days?

Answer – Definitely.We have become too materialistic.So many people think that life is all about amassing as many expensive things as possible.I think this has partly got to do with consumerism.People are led to believe that if they do not have certain possessions,they won’t be considered rich or important.So there’s always this mad rush to buy more.

3.What kind of possessions do you think gave people status in your country 50 years ago?

Answer – I understand that things were quite different 50 years ago.People in those days were less materialistic.One thing that gave people status then was possession of land.Owners of large farm lands were considered to be rich and commanded a lot of respect.People bought things that lasted longer and those which had more resale value.