1.What are the advantages of using a mobile phone?

Answer – To begin with,a mobile phone is a multi function portable device which means you can always stay connected with everyone and you can do all sorts of things on your mobile phone apart from making calls.The smart phones we have today let you go on the internet,make videos and take photos.They have lots of applications which make the gadget double as a device for communication and entertainment.But I guess it proves to be most useful in case of an emergency.

2.Can you think of any disadvantages of a mobile phone?

Answer – One obvious disadvantage is its shorter battery life.It can run out of battery charge in a few hours’ time.Of course there are other more serious drawbacks too.They can of course be a source of distraction.Your mobile phone can ring any minute,disturbing not only you but others around you as well.The distraction can even result in an accident for a person who answers his phone while driving.Finally,the wide spread use of mobile has led to a steep reduction in face to face communication.

3.What do you think of children using mobile phones?

Answer – I am totally against the idea of children using mobile phones.Although most schools have a policy banning their use in the classroom,many young children use them in other situations.Teenagers often use mobiles differently from adults.For example,they text far more than making voice calls.There is also the danger of children going behind their parent’s back and watching videos and things on the internet that are not age-appropriate.I am of the opinion that parents must wait till their children are older and more responsible to put a mobile phone in their hand.

4.What kind of mobile phones will become more popular in the future in your opinion?

Answer – It is interesting to think about what kind of mobile phones future technology has in store for us.I guess in the future we will have mobile phones that do things our current ones cannot.I am quite sure that mobile phones in the future will have better quality.For example,they will have better cameras that will let you take far sharper pictures.Another improvement would be in their battery life.I think soon enough we will be able to buy mobiles that can be used for days without recharging.