IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topic Handwriting Sample Questions/Answers Le Maple Academy of IELTS Trivandrum 8113058947

Here are some likely questions based on the topic handwriting for part three of the speaking test and sample answers.

   Do you think that computers might replace handwriting?

Answer – Yes, I think so.Computers are going to replace handwriting to a huge extent. Although writing by hand will still be around for quick notes and signatures, the days of hand writing as the main form of written communication are almost over. As using a computer to write is much faster and more efficient, fewer people would be writing by hand in the future. Typed words are also easier to read and can be sent anywhere in the world instantly.

   What do you think we can learn about a person from his handwriting?

Answer – Many things, I suppose. A person’s handwriting is as unique as his personality. Analysing a person’s handwriting can reveal many personality traits. This is why some companies use graphology during their recruitment process asking candidates to send resumes written by hand. It is believed that everything from the size of letters to how closely words are spaced can reveal intricate details of one’s personality.

   Do you think that it is important to have a good handwriting?

Answer – Yes, I think so.Handwriting is part of our daily lives. The skill of hand writing is important both in education and employment. For example, legible handwriting makes a lot of difference when assessments are based on written work, particularly in written exams with time limits. Most employment situations also involve some handwriting even though people are shifting from paper to electronic modes of communication.