Here are a few questions and sample answers for part 3 of the speaking test based on the topic “Friendship/Friends”

1.How do people in your country usually make friends?

Answer – There are so many different ways you can make friends.In my country one popular way is to become friends with the people you study or work with.We also talk to people we meet on the bus or train and become friends.Libraries are also a good place for that.But I think the best way is when your friend introduces you to someone else.These days I see that a lot of people are making friends on the internet too.

2.What do you think of making friends on the internet?

Answer – I think the internet is a great way to make new friends.You don’t travel anywhere but you still can be friends with people from different parts of the country or world.One time,I met a student from Japan on Facebook and we became good friends.The only thing is you have got to be sure that the person you are interacting with means what they say.Sometimes it can turn out that they are not who they said they were.Still I think it is worth it.

3.Do you think that friendship is important for people to be happy?

Answer- Yes,I think so.Without our friends our lives would not be the same.It will be so boring.If we don’t make friends,we can’t learn about people.Your friends can help you in so many ways.For example,if you have got a problem,a friend can help you out.Besides,without friends how is it that we can play any sport.

4.Do you think that it is becoming more difficult to make friends?

Answer – Yes,I think you could say that.It has got to do with the competition everywhere.People no longer trust each other that much.Even at school,children are too competitive that they don’t study together.Another reason for this is we don’t go out that much these days.Fewer people go to the cinema or any public events which makes it harder to make friends.Of course now there is the internet which gives you opportunities to make friends but I like to think that it’s more difficult to make friends now than ever before.