Recently you have bought an electronic equipment from a store in your town.Unfortunately,it does not work well now and you are concerned.Write a letter to the store manager to tell him about it.In you letter you should say

who you are

what issues the equipment has and

what you would like the shop manager to do

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to report a refrigerator that I bought from your shop a week ago that unfortunately has a couple of problems.The brand I chose was Cold Point,blue in colour and with a capacity of 350 litres.

There are two things which need immediate attention.First,the bottom glass shelf was cracked when the refrigerator arrived.The delivery driver assured me that someone from your shop would come by in two days to arrange for a replacement.One week has passed now and I have not heard from anyone yet.Secondly,there is something wrong with the defrost system.Every time the refrigerator defrosts itself,a puddle of water forms on the floor in front of it.This is both a bother and a danger as someone may slip and fall.

I have been coming to your store for the last four years and this is the first time something like this has happened.I am sure that you are as concerned as I am about these problems.You may kindly get in touch with me soon to arrange a time when a repair man can fix the defrost system and replace the damaged shelf.

Yours faithfully

John Lewis